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In the recent years, the footwear sector has registered skills shortages and a decreasing number of young people willing to be employed by this sector, sometimes due to the fact that they do not see the possibility of career and it is not appealing for them.


Although this phenomenon is being registered in partner countries, namely Poland, Portugal, Italy which rely for a large portion of their economies in footwear sector, the trend can be detected all over Europe.


Therefore, the ultimate aim of the course is to attract young people to the Footwear sector, disseminate the shoemaker profession and to provide those interested in integrating the sector with an innovative tool to support their learning process – a e-learning platform combined with practical activities and assessment. Didactic materials implemented on the platform in a clear and transparent way show the basic knowledge necessary to work in a footwear industry.


The course is targeted to people with at least 9 years of school, corresponding to a level 4 EQF (European Qualification Framework).

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